The Ghent Decontrol - #5

The Ghent Decontrol - #5

'Everything you always wanted to know about New York Hardcore but were afraid to ask.'
-Tommy Carrol

Very rarely does hardcore yield unsolicited emails that you’re actually excited to read but it does happen…it’s usually about zines in my experience. In this instance, it was one from an HC scholar known simply as “Bart from Belgium here. A.K.A. to friends and foes as thefleX. or bartthefleX”

Blogger, poster, and author of a zine that  I’ve had an affinity for from the second I pulled it from a box of zines being given away at a fargone AHC of yesteryear. The Ghent Decontrol is 5ish issues of cut-and-paste perfection straight out of the fertile hc grounds of mid-2ks Belgium, what we’re offering in conjunction with Bart is the 5th and final installment of the series. Issue 5 was a tell-all on the undertold NYHC bands, even now in the hell age where everyone knows everything about everything  this zine still rings like a bell with hidden history and forgotten lore

Reformatted for the USHC crowd but presented in its full and uncensored form, this is not for the weak..80 full-size pages so you know it’s ACTUAL content from that amount of dedication. We’re planing to do a one pager interview with barttheFlex that will be included in orders / a future newsletter installment as well.

80 Pages
8.5 x 11, full size

We're handling the printing and distribution of this in the US of A on behalf of Bart, if you're international and want a copy, hit us up ([email protected]) and we can probably figure out an easier way to get you a copy. Otherwise, feel free to order if you're fiending.