SCH04 SEARCH FOR PURPOSE - Eternal Emotion (Repurposed) 12"

SCH04 SEARCH FOR PURPOSE - Eternal Emotion (Repurposed) 12"

Originally co-released via Plead Your Case and Exact Change in 2018, this is a revamped and repurposed version of ‘Eternal Emotion’, the debut LP from Carolina Straight Edges very own Search For Purpose.

This release features new artwork, re-recorded instruments and a new mix and master: for fans of Turning Point, Outspoken, early Lifetime and the New Age Records back catalog.

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1. Fading Warmth
2. Reconsider
3. Dedication II
4. Sanctuary
5. Journey
6. Eternal Emotion
7. Dreaming
8. Collapse / Outro

Recorded by Connor Donovan
Artwork and layout by Kyle Niland

Pressing info:
Black /230

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