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SCH06 ECHO CHAMBER - Demo 2022  CS

Back in press by popular demand... from the land of Cologne, Germany...A one time repress of the euro-core masterpiece originally available from DBNO records.

Featuring 6 tracks of hard smackin' New York style by way of the Rhineland just for you...the Ameri-core audience and anyone willing to pay an increased shipping rate for orders abroad. The same great songs we hope you heard a couple months ago in a totally reworked package done at Scheme HQ for the US debut. Buy the tape, learn the songs, show up to FYA 2023 ready for more.

Pro-dubbed / Pro J cards / Print on the tape yada-yada-yada.

1. All That Is Solid
2. Escape From Freedom
3. More Of The Same
4. On This Side Of Death
5. Intermission
6. The Spectacle

Recorded, mixed & mastered by David Deutsch at 1408 Productions
Artwork and layout by Kyle Niland

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